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Sideline Removals is a professional, reliable Business and could be the perfect solution for you on your journey to your New Home! We specialise in anything from small single rooms to large Mansions.


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Declutter and throw away things that you can do without prior to your household removals session. This will help you to decrease the overall costs of your move and will certainly speed up the whole process of household furniture removal. You can also check out our moving checklist for more tips on how to prepare for the house move.

Use stretch wrap to protect your household furniture for the move. It's your responsibility to take care of your furniture prior to the moving day. Wrapping in in stretch foil or bubble wrap will protect the furniture from damage and scratches.

If the house removers park far away from your home, this will certainly inflate the cost of the service, as it would take them longer to transfer your belongings into the van. Thus, do your homework in advance and organise a convenient parking space as close as possible to your house.

Make a list of things you will need during the process of relocation and add everything in a bag you'll be caring with you. We highly recommend that you pack your handbag with essentials a few hours before leaving the old destination. Until then, you will still need most of its content.

Top Tip: Wrap your furniture & pack your essentials!


Your office relocation can be completed outside business hours to ensure that it’s done with minimum disruption of your daily operations. This means that you can request a weekend, a public holiday or an overnight office furniture removal service with us so that your IT equipment and office furniture are transported, unloaded and ready for use in time for the next working day. Skilled and trained office movers will do the job, ensuring a smooth office relocation.

We relocate businesses from various industry sectors, including warehouses, libraries, food service facilities and retail spaces. Our commercial moving company also specialises in fine art and antique removals solutions. Valuable items and artefacts will be packed, handled, transported and unloaded with extra care and under full insurance. So, whether you run an art dealers business, own a gallery or manage a museum, we can help you should you need to relocate.

Top Tip: Inform employees of the office move!

Make sure to inform the whole staff, including the distant workers of the move at least 1 or 2 months before the move takes place. They need time to prepare for this step as well as to take care of their personal desks. 

Local Moving

 Are you moving within a <50 mile radius? Please click the button below to find out our policies on local moving.


 Are you moving outside of the UK or +50 mile radius? Please click the button below to find out our policies on long distance moving.

Storage Services

 Got a lot of stuff? Need somewhere to store it? Let us know how many boxes and we will set up a storage plan for you.

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 Need a hand packing and unpacking of your items? No problem! We're always here to help our customers.

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Sam, Andrew and their team were absolutely fantastic. We used their services for packing and removals. Their quote was reasonable. They arrived promptly for the packing of home stuff and were spot on for the removals. Everything was done to a high standard. Although the completion was late on a Friday night - the team was kind enough to stay until we got the keys and they had moved all the stuff into our new home. They also came back to fix some pending issues with the main/front door. All-in-all a fantastic team, delivering what they promised, on-time and very courteous! Highly recommend

From: Dr Raghu Prasad - Orpington